Participate in Our Programs: School Programs

The Farm Museum offers programming for students in grades pre-K to 9, from September to June. Please call our Education Department for information and reservations at
718-347-3276, ext 310 or 302, or by emailing
The program offerings by season are listed below.


FALL (September - November)

*Booking for fall programs begins in September, on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Pumpkin Program (October 1st - November 15th)
This educational and fun program teaches students how pumpkins, as well as other vine crops, grow from seeds. Each student then gets to select a pumpkin from our own pumpkin patch, takes a guided tour of our farm, and enjoys a hayride through our nature trails.
FEE: $8 per person

Apple Pressing Workshop (October 1st - November 15th)
During this seasonal workshop, students will “taste the flavor" of fall by learning about apples and how to press them to make cider. Each student will take home a container of pasteurized cider.
FEE: $7 per person

Farmyard Tour (September - June)
This outdoor tour emphasizes general farm life. The tour highlights animals, planting fields, and the people needed to run a successful farm. Animal feeding and a group hayride complete this barnyard tour.
FEE: $7 per person

WINTER (December - March) No dates remain for 2014-15
*Booking for fall programs begins in September, on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Quilts: The Truest American Folk Art
In this workshop, your students will examine quilts from various cultures throughout the world. Each student will create a quilt square which can be constructed into a finished quilt and displayed in your classroom.
FEE: $7 per person

Colonial Cooking
This two-hour workshop, especially designed for grades 4 to 8, gives students a chance to experience the hard work and planning necessary during colonial life. Students prepare soup and cornbread, cooked over an open hearth fire and then enjoy the spoils of their labor! A farmyard tour is included.
FEE: $8 per person

From Sheep to Shawl
A hands-on program of carding and hand spinning will introduce students to the process of turning wool into thread. Children will visit our sheep and also take home a sample of their own hand-spun yarn.
FEE: $7 per person

Farmyard Tour (See above for details; Winter Farmyard Tour does not include hayride.)


SPRING (April - June) No dates remain for 2014-15

*Booking for spring programs begins in January, on the first school day after the New Year.


Honey Bees Alive!
Learn about the life-cycle of honeybees, their products, and how they help us. This workshop includes making a candle from beeswax and a delicious, edible honey stick.
FEE: $7 per person.


21 Day Eggs-periment
Students will discover the process by which an egg develops into a chick. A visit to our chicken coop and a farmyard tour are included in this program.
FEE: $7 per person


Greenhouse Workshop
This program includes a tour of our working greenhouse complex and an introduction of plants ranging from tropical to desert. Students will learn to identify plant parts and learn about proper plant care. Each student will transplant a seedling to bring back to the classroom for observation and further study.

FEE: $8 per person


Hands-On Farm Program
This outdoor tour is one of our most exciting, comprehensive programs! Children will experience the many facets of farm life through eighteenth-century butter-making, a farmyard tour, the preparation and planting of a portable classroom garden, and by taking an enjoyable group hayride through our nature trails.

FEE: $8 per person


Colonial Farmhouse Tour
Through a guided tour and handling of period artifacts, step back in time to 1772. Learn about the lives of Dutch farmers, Jacob and Catherine Adriance, who built their home and worked the land for food and survival. This tour explores home production of food and clothing as well as family roles and daily lifestyles of 18th century Queens farmers.

FEE: $6 per person


Farmyard Tour (See above for details)




Animal Education Programs (Fall and Spring only)
Call 718-470-0224 for information on Animal Education Programs