Queens Farm makes all of its own compost here on the farm! Compost is a key component of healthy soil, which is essential to our farm and to our planet. It is dark brown, earthy-smelling, nutrient-rich and is formed as organic materials naturally break down through the work of many living organisms. Queens Farm amends its soil with finished compost each planting season in order to improve structure and fertility, promote water retention and air flow, prevent erosion, and boost biological activity. This in turn will produce healthier plants with more resistance to pests and disease. The cherry on top: Composting diverts organic matter from landfills, reducing our carbon footprint while making excellent use of a valuable resource.

A balanced compost system requires an even mix of carbon (“browns”) and nitrogen (“greens”). Here at Queens Farm, we compost plant materials, livestock manure, leaves, and lawn clippings using windrows. Our integrated composting system also includes tumblers and a worm bin. 

Community Compost Drop-off

It’s easy to support the environment by participating in Queens Farm’s Community Compost program. We accept residential food scrap donations in our tumbler bins daily. Participants can stop in our Farm Store for a map to find the location of our tumblers; our site is walk-in only, but the farm has hand carts that can be loaned out for larger loads. We recommend using a reusable receptacle for your kitchen scraps to minimize plastic bag waste. By composting at Queens Farm, you are helping keep organic matter out of the landfill and building healthy soil on the farm.

Compost Drop Off Walk-in Site
Daily 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Compost Drop Off is CLOSED on Special Admission Days, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day