Winter Programs

Farm Fibers

FEE: $8 per student/parent (school staff are free)

PreK – 12th grade: Does fashion begin on a farm? Students learn how Queens Farm raises livestock for fiber, cultivates our own plant based dyes, and the many techniques, historic and contemporary, used to turn fleece into cozy works of art. Read More »

Quilting Lab

FEE: $8 per student/parent (school staff are free)

K – 12th grade: Examine quilts from around the world and discover how they have been used to tell stories throughout American history. Read More »

18th Century Cooking 

FEE: $9 per student/parent (school staff are free)

Note: Our historic farmhouse can only accommodate one class per day (35 people maximum).

3rd – 12th grade: What was life like in Queens in 1772? Through the story of the 3rd generation Dutch farming family, students learn about NYC’s agricultural past and pick up a few practical life skills like food preparation and preservation in our 18th century kitchen. Read More »