Summer Field Trips

Field Trips for Camp Groups & Summer Student Groups 

Online registration begins Monday, April 4, 2022

Programs offered from 10am – 12pm, Monday – Friday

Summer Farmyard Adventure

FEE: $10 per person; 1 free admission for every 25 people

Students learn what crops we are growing, how we integrate livestock into our practices and recycle food scraps into compost. This program includes a hayride and students have the opportunity to feed a snack of hay to our goats!

PreK-5th grade:  This comprehensive outdoor tour explores our food system and the many aspects of our historic, sustainable farm. Read More »

6th- 12th grade: This outdoor tour explores regenerative agriculture by learning about the farming techniques we utilize to close waste loops, build healthy soil, restore biodiversity, and provide nutritious food to our community, without the use of chemical inputs. Read More »

Compost to Zero Waste & Fresh Veggies

FEE: $10 per person; 1 free admission for every 25 people

K – 5th grade: The powerful ecological value of compost comes to life in this hands-on workshop. Through a series of exploratory, hands-on activities, students learn the basic science of compost, from the microbial food web living in our windrows to the nutrient balance needed to feed our crops. Read More »

6th – 12th grade: Students actively explore our compost site as an outdoor laboratory through a combination of reading, teamwork, and hands-on experimentation. They will be introduced to the process of composting, and the important role it serves in diverting waste from landfills and mitigating the climate crisis. Using the knowledge they gather, small teams of students create a “Campaign for Compost” as a culminating activity.