Virtual Tours

Custom Virtual Tours

FEE: $100/tour; length and content customized to fit student needs

Virtual tours give students a “farmer’s eye view” of our 47 acres, teaching about growing food sustainably, raising livestock, and NYC history. Discussions are woven throughout as farm educators bring students inside our animal paddocks and growing fields.

Programs are tailored to any age from Pre-K through high school are aligned with NYS Learning Standards. Programs are designed in collaboration with each teacher to fit curricular needs in the areas of STEM, NYC History and early America, sustainable agriculture, or urban/rural communities. All virtual tours are available via your preferred platform.

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Offered Year-Round

Content areas can include:

-Farm to Table


-Sustainable Practices

-Farm Animals

-Bees & Pollinators

-Climate Change

-Visit to the Greenhouse

-18th Century History