Fall Programs

Seed to Pumpkin 

FEE: $9 per student/parent (school staff are free)

PreK-3rd grade: Students explore botanical and agricultural concepts like the seed cycle, seasonality, and pollination using an autumn favorite: the pumpkin! Read More »

4th-8th grade: History and sustainability collide! Students learn how Native Americans influenced many of the popular crops of the Americas, including corn, tomatoes and squash. Read More »

Apple Cider Pressing

FEE: $8 per student/parent (school staff are free)

1st – 5th grade: Find out how the apple has shaped lives throughout American history and learn a little about food preservation as you press fresh cider from antique presses. Read More »

Seasonal Farm Tour

FEE: $8 per student/parent (school staff are free)

PreK – 5th grade: This comprehensive outdoor tour explores our food system in the fall and the many aspects of our historic, sustainable farm. Read More »

6th – 12th grade: This outdoor tour explores regenerative agriculture by learning about the farming techniques we utilize to close waste loops, build healthy soil, restore biodiversity, and provide nutritious food to our community, without the use of chemical inputs. Read More »


FEE: $9 per student/parent (school staff are free)

K – 5th grade: The powerful ecological value of compost comes to life in this hands-on workshop. Through a series of exploratory, hands on activities, students learn the basic science of compost, from the microbial food web living in our windrows to the nutrient balance needed to feed our crops. Read More »

6th – 12th grade: Students actively explore our compost site as an outdoor laboratory through a combination of reading, teamwork and hands-on experimentation. Read More »