Agriculture Workforce Development

Farming in New York City is transforming this complex urban environment. Queens Farm’s 47-acre site is the largest tract of farmland, home to the single largest apiary and the only farm with a full range of livestock in New York City.

Queens County Farm Museum has been continually farmed since 1697 as New York City grew around it. In the 1920s, Queens Farm was the highest production farm in Queens. As New York City entered the 21st century, it was in the throes of urbanism – disconnected from its food sources. Now New York City is home to the burgeoning urban agriculture industry shortening the distance from farm to fork and creating an industry of green jobs – farming, food production, sustainability, and waste & water management. As New York City works toward Zero Waste in 2030, it needs a skilled workforce to make New York City a greener more sustainable economy – especially for food production.  

Queens Farm has been uniquely training new farmers since 2007 as part of its Agriculture Workforce Development Program.  This program is a pathway for individuals into careers in agriculture and a green economy.  It supports individuals who are interested in changing or developing their careers in this burgeoning industry. The program is geared toward speeding up the growth and success of young professionals in the green workforce. Alumni from the program have gone on to develop their careers in horticulture, agriculture, livestock, sustainability and the fiber arts. They have started their own farms, gone on to become key team members of other organizations, and started their own businesses. 

Each year, Queens Farm hires and trains a diverse seasonal workforce. This team of seasonal farmers and market managers are trained to manage the growing fields, gardens, farmstands, and livestock. By the end of the farming season, these individuals have specialized skill sets in the life cycle of a diversified market vegetable operation, livestock care, operation of farm tools and machinery, and public engagement which they carry forth into future careers. Training at this scale in New York City is unique to Queens Farm.

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